4.3.3 Dessert

This is the 3rd chapter of Adventure Mode, and the little monsters in it are divided into 3 families.

The 1st family: the Mosquito family, they are Mosquito, Evolved Mosquito and Ultimate Mosquito. They are all better at long-range attack, and using Disemboweled, Scorching and Lightning Burst skills.

The 2nd family: the Beetle family, they are Dung Beetle, Knife Beetle and Golden Beetle. They are both better at close combat. They use Magic Astrolabe, Perseverance and Universal Gravitation skills.

The 3rd family: the Cactus family, they are Cactus, Flowery Cactus and Sleepy Cactus, of which Cactus is good at long-range attack, and the other two are better at close combat. They will use the skills of Holy Light, Healing Wind and Allied Friends.

The BOSS in the 3rd chapter is called Multiple-eyes Mummy. He is a strong mummy with many eyes, good at close combat, can use Mechanic Grip, can pull the farthest opponent, will cause magic damage to the opponents, and bring stun effect.

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