4.1.1 Basic Rules

  1. Players can participate in the competition with any 3 non-free quality heroes.

  2. All the attributes of hero training and equipment worn by the player will take effect in the arena. Reasonable team formation according to the opponent's lineup will make it easier to win.

  3. Each battle will consume hero stamina, equipment durability, and daily arena battle times. (Important: After the Hero's stamina is exhausted and daily battle times are used up, the challenge cannot continue. After the equipment's durability is reduced to 0, the attributes will not increase. Please repair it in time.)

  4. Every time you enter the arena, 5 opponents will be automatically matched based on the player's current ranking. Players can challenge suitable opponents according to their own lineup.

  5. When multiple heroes are deployed, drag and drop them to change the hero's position and perform deployment.

  6. Participate in daily rankings based on the daily increase of arena points. Win bonuses based on the final arena points at the end of the season.

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