3.1.4 Bond

While a hero's class reflects their features and role, their bonds reveal their association with a particular field. This affiliation is often conveyed through the hero's name, which provides an indication of their field of expertise.

○ III Heroes: Famous Chinese historical figures who lived during the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220-280), including Guan Yu (SR), Liu Bei (SSR), and Zhang Fei (UR).

○ Celebrities: Household names from the entertainment industry, including A. Hepburn (N), E. Presley (N), Michael Jackson (R), M. Monroe (SR), C. Chaplin (SSR), and Bruce Lee (UR).

○ Scientists: Prominent figures in science and academia that need no introduction, including Darwin (N), Edison (N), Galileo (R), Einstein (SR), Aristotle (SR), Newton (SSR), Tesla (SSR), and Marie Curie (UR).

○ The Crypto: Crypto moguls with outstanding achievements, including Brian Armstrong (N), Justin Sun (N), Vitalik Buterin (R), CZ (R), Satoshi Nakamoto (SR), and Elon Musk (SR).

○ The Empire: Emperors and legends who established mighty empires, including Emperor Qin (R), Napoleon (R), Caesar (SR), and Genghis Khan (SSR).

○ Greek Gods: Gods and goddesses from Greek mythology, including Poseidon (N), Cupid (N), Hades (R), Apollo (SR), Athena (SSR), Zeus (SSR), and Hera (UR).

○ Gold Medal: Trailblazing athletes who revolutionized their sports, including Ali (N), Senna (R), Kobe (SSR), and Maradona (SSR).

○ The TRON: A star-studded line-up featuring H.E. Justin Sun and TRON tokens, including Justin Sun (N), SUN (N), NFT (R), BTT (R), WIN (SR), JST (SSR), and TRX (UR).

○ The Fear: Horrifying creatures from movies and folklore, including Ripper (N), Vampire (R), Zombie (SSR), and Jigsaw (UR).

○ The Planet: The known planets in the universe, including Venus (N), Mars (R), Saturn (SR), Mercury (SR), and Jupiter (UR).

○ Fairy Tale: Characters from fairy tales, including Pinocchio (N), Red Hoodie(R), Alice (SR), Aladdin (SR), Newton (SSR), and Peter Pan (UR).

○ Colossus: Uninhibited and muscular characters, including Aladdin (SR), Genghis Khan (SSR), and Zhang Fei (UR).

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