3.1.2 Attribute

Heroes have ten major attributes, which include:

○ HP (Hit Point): When a hero gets attacked, his/her HP drops. When it drops to zero, the hero will exit combat.

○ DEF (Defense): Reduce the physical damage received by the hero.

○ RES (Magic Resistance): Reduce the magic damage received by the hero.

○ ATK (Attack): Increase the physical damage caused by the hero. Physical damage may cause Critical Damage, be dodged by the target, or miss the target.

○ LUK (Luck): Increase the chance of finding high-quality items during the dungeon exploration. Teams with low LUK are not able to obtain high-quality items.

○ MP (Magic Point): The magic point at the start of combat. The MP will return to zero after a skill is used.

○ ASPD (Attack Speed): How often this unit attacks opponents. The higher the ASPD, the more attacks the unit launches per second.

○ MPMAX (Magic Point MAX): Determine the accumulated value required for casting a skill. Low MPMAX indicates low skill consumption, meaning the hero can use skills more frequently.

○ RNG (Attack Range): Determine the hero's attack range.

○ CRT (Critical Rate): The chance of causing a 150% physical damage with a normal attack, which may vary according to the unit's CRD (Critical Damage).

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