4.3.2 Swamp

This is the 2nd chapter of Adventure Mode, and the little monsters in it are divided into 3 families, and they are all better at close combat.

The 1st family: the Snail family, they are Branch Snail, Rope Snail and Axe Snail. They can heal and deal magic damage to the opponent, and use Rock Shield, Holy Light and Aggressive Attack skills.

The 2nd family: the Red-eyed Frog family, they are Red tongue Frog, Rope Frog and Tree Frog. They deal more physical damage to the opponent, and use the skills of Time Assassin, Toxicity Evolution and Some Like It Hot.

The 3rd family: the Long-toothed Fishman family, they are Branch Fishman, Bigger Fishman, and Stronger Fishman. They slow down the opponent's attack speed, inflict physical damage, and use Fatal Pounding, Universal Gravitation, and Sunshine Armor skills.

The BOSS of the 2nd chapter is called Paguridae, he is a sea monster with big pincers and conch tail. On the farthest opponent he will use Trembling Vine, dealing additional magic damage to the entire row of opponents.

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