4.3.1 Forest

This is the 1st chapter of Adventure Mode, and the little monsters in it are divided into 3 families.
The 1st family: the wild mushroom family, they are Branch Mushroom, Spear Mushroom and Mushroom Scarecrow. They are all better at close combat, dealing more magic damage to opponents within a specific range, and using skills such as Rock Shield, Weaken Lies and Universal Gravitation skills.
The 2nd family: the Slug family, they are Square Slug, Caterpillar and Slim Slug. They are also better at close combat, providing armor for themselves, inflicting physical and magic damage to the opponent, and using Sunshine Armor, Perseverance, and Aggressive Attack skills.
The 3rd family: the Stone Man family, their name is Rock Man, Stone Man and Big Rock Man. They are better at long-range attack, can use spells, cause magic damage to the opponent, and can use Split Fireball, Bouncing Bomb and Power of Zeus skills.
The BOSS in the 1st chapter is called Wood Horn. He is a fierce-looking giant deer. He is good at long-range attack, can cause additional magic damage to the opponent, and makes good use of Manic Attack.