2.1 Game Season

Win NFT Hero hosts ranked seasons and season events in parallel. Players play ranked games to climb up the leaderboard, while there are also other events during the season where they can have fun. By completing missions both in and out of the game, players can win resources and use them to enhance their heroes. As part of the economic model, the seasons are not isolated from one another: token markets and the marketplace in Win NFT Hero enable players to extend their competition across seasons.

The combination of ranked seasons and season events is designed to balance the allocation of resources among players of different levels and prevent veteran players from gaining an unfair advantage over latecomers by amassing excessive resources. However, it is worth noting that despite the importance of upgrading heroes and acquiring powerful equipment, players' skills, such as choosing proper lineups and hero positions, also matter.

A ranked season is hosted every two months, followed by a rest period where the game will be updated with bug fixes, adjustments, and new content based on players' performance and feedback from the previous season. Then a closed beta test and an open beta test will be conducted before the new season starts.

A seasonal leaderboard is created based on players' in-game consumption and the total number of players of the season. Players on the leaderboard will receive token rewards which can be traded on centralized exchanges and decentralized markets.

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