4.2 Dungeon

Players can enter the dungeon for exploration by visiting NPC Richard in the city, as shown in the figure below:

The dungeon is located in multiple areas, and after successfully challenging one area, the next area will be unlocked. Each area has different material outputs, and players can choose to explore the area that meets their needs for materials. In addition, there are some special dungeon areas that only appear at specific times, and players can explore them based on intelligence. Currently, it is known that there are four permanent areas in the dungeon.

Before exploring the dungeon, you need to do the following preparations:

  1. Prepare a sufficient number of heroes. Before exploring each dungeon area, you need to defeat the boss in that area. Only one team can be sent to explore each area, and a single team can send up to 9 heroes. (Important Note: The heroes sent cannot be used as defense layouts in the arena!!!!)

  2. Different tools are required for each exploration, and tools will be consumed. The tools required for exploration can be purchased from NPC Olivia in the town.

  3. The materials that can be obtained and the exploration time required for each dungeon area are also different, and players can choose according to their needs.

  4. The stronger the team's combat power, the shorter the cycle of benefits they can obtain from each exploration.

  5. The higher the team's luck value, the higher the quality of the items they can obtain, and the higher the luck value required for rarer items.

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